Ketogenic Diet Menu | To Take Control of Metabolism

Ketogenic Diet MenuThe ketogenic diet menu is planned to burn fat and taking control of the metabolism of the body. It is a plan that gives a versatile choice of delicious foods. It involves a tasty fulfilling diet that is based on meats, vegetables, nuts, beans and healthy fats.

 The average intake of different nutrients in the daily diet should be:

1966 Calories

151g Fat

124g Protein

14.5g Net Carbs

Ketogenic Diet Menu and Tips For Control Metabolism

Ketogenic diet menu changes can also depend on the age, health and occupation of the person.  It must be kept in mind that the calorie deficit should not go above 15% to lose weight and more to gain muscle mass. One does not have to struggle for a keto diet. People have found great success with regular meals of low carbohydrates, and high fat. The most important thing is..

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