Ketone Diet | What You Should Know About Ketone Diet

Ketone DietUtilizing a high-fat concentration as well as balanced protein and lowered carb ingestion the ketone diet is a primary treatment solution for young adults and children suffering from the effects of epilepsy. The focus is for the body to produce energy from proteins rather than carbohydrates, lowering the amount of artificially created glucose levels in the body. Under un-managed conditions, increased levels of glucose are believed to trigger chemical imbalances in a young body’s system, allowing the thyroid to secrete hormones to combat the increase. These hormones sometimes have a side effect of triggering epileptic seizures and related events. By removing the carbohydrates from the diet, the ketone diet replaces the nutrients with protein, and when converted into energy, there is a greatly reduced factor of glucose in the system. Instead of being processed into glucose, the protein is transformed into strength building and nutrient rich ketones, hence the name, ketone diet.

Ketone Diet Increases Ketones in the Body

As the ketones flow through the body a condition known as..

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