Ketogenic diet menu planMaking a diet chart for you sounds easy, right? But you have to keep in mind lot of things before you begin to make a chart. If you are an office goer, you need to plan accordingly. You need to add macronutrient and carbs content in your diet. In order to avoid keto-flu in Ketogenic diet menu plan, you should have food that has electrolytes. These reduce the chances of keto flu. In general, you will get to eat only 5% carbs, 15% protein and a tremendous amount of 80% fats in the Ketogenic Diet. The special ratio of nutrients will make your body use the stored fat as fuel. It will encourage weight loss.


What is Ketogenic Diet Menu Plan?

This diet plan is a unique diet chart that includes lots of nutrients and diets. Each and every human being has his own taste and a diet should be made keeping in mind that it doesn’t affect the taste. If you are working, you need to carry your own tiffin. Make meals, that are very easy to carry and that which are good for your health too. One should always watch his own net carbs that should not exceed 50-60 grams a day. This will make you feel fit. In order to avoid glycogen in your meals, you should include carbs 20-30 grams each day.

If you want to intake potassium intake in your diet, eat lite salt. To strengthen your bones in sodium have the broth of the chicken bones. But never have dairy products in your keto diet plan. Also avoid sweets that are low in carbs. If you have them you might be affected with random loss of weight. If you want to have your usual tea and coffee, use coconut milk instead of milk.


What to Avoid on a Keto Diet?

In Ketogenic diet menu plan you need to avoid certain food items:

  • Sugar items, syrups of corn-

Avoid fruit juices, ice cream, chocolate, soft drinks, pastry, table sugar and all items that have extra sugar in them.

  • All grains-

Avoid soft breads, loafs, pasta, wheat, barley, rye.

  • Dairy products-

All the dairy products should be avoided.

  • Legumes-

Avoid lentils, vegetables like beans.

  • Vegetable oils-

All vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, olive oil, corn oil, and soyabean oil should be avoided.

  • Hydrogenated oils-

These oils are found in margarines and other fat products and should be avoided too.

  • Sweeteners that are artificial:

Avoid using artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, Sucralosse, Saccharin, etc.


What to Eat on a Keto Diet?

Keto Seafoods

In this chart, things that you should include are as follows:

  • Meats, eggs, vegetables-

Include chicken, mutton, beef, pork, lamb, turkey as meats. Have omega 3 rich eggs, vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, broccolis should be included too.

  • Seafood, fish-

Include good fish and seafood in your Ketogenic diet menu plan.

  • Fruits and Tubers-

Include fruits such as apples, bananas, strawberries as fruits and also turnips and sweet potatoes as tubes.

  • Salts, spices-

Spices and salts such as turmeric, sea salt, and garlic should be included.

Also include nuts, berries, and healthy oils in your diet charts.


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The Diet Chart

The Ketogenic diet menu plan made here gives you a 7 day diet chart plan:


Day 1 – Monday

Breakfast: Fry 2 eggs and also includes boiled vegetables, all done in coconut oil. Have an apple or any fruit you like.

Lunch: Have some nuts. Have chicken salad done in olive oil.

Dinner: If you like burgers, fry two in butter and have few boiled vegetables. You can have salsa, too.


Day 2 – Tuesday

Breakfast: Have a fruit. Have eggs and also bacon.

Lunch: If you like burger, fry in butter and have boiled vegetables. Have a fruit salad.

Dinner: Have salmon which you should fry in butter. Have vegetable salad.


Day 3 – Wednesday

Breakfast: Boiled vegetables with chicken or any meat you like.

Lunch: In a lettuce leaf put a sandwich; have boiled chicken and vegetable salad.

Dinner: Have Berries or nuts, beef fry, boiled vegetables.


Day 4 – Thursday

Breakfast: Have fried eggs and a fruit.

Lunch: Have few nuts, boiled chicken and a salad.

Dinner: Have boiled vegetables and chicken or pork.


Day 5 – Friday

Breakfast: One should have eggs and green vegetables that are fried in coconut oil.

Lunch: Have some nuts. Then also have chicken salad that is fried in olive oil.

Dinner: Have beef steak with green vegetables and include sweet potato too.


Day 6 – Saturday

Breakfast: Have a fruit. Have eggs and include bacon too.

Lunch: If you have leftover beef steak of the day before, have it with boiled vegetables.

Dinner: Bake a salmon in olive oil. Include avocado and some vegetables too.


Day 7 – Sunday

If you are thinking that Ketogenic diet menu plan will not allow you to diet in Sundays, you are wrong. You can have more meal but you have to diet every single day.


Breakfast: Have boiled vegetables and meat.

Lunch: Have a sandwich, boiled chicken and vegetable salad in your diet.

Dinner: Grill some chicken wings in olive oil and have it with boiled vegetables and salsa.


In The Restaurant

Yes, your ketogenic diet menu plan also includes your restaurant meals. That doesn’t mean you will eat less. But eat intelligently so that your colleagues don’t even understand that you are dieting. For the main dish order a fish or meat. Avoid bread or having rice and instead order more vegetables and salad. Ask the cook or the chef to cook your food in olive oil or in coconut oil.


Having Snacks

Well, apart from following this diet chat, you need to have some keto snacks every two hours that will help your system run properly. For the snacks, include nuts and berries, baby carrots, boiled eggs, a fruit, slices of apple fried in almond butter, beef steak made at home, any leftovers of previous night. All these will enhance the positive levels in your Ketogenic diet menu plan.

Apart from all these you can have tea and coffee since tea has antioxidants. You can include green tea which is good for your health. You can also search on internet best Ketogenic diet menu plan recipes that are easy and very quick to make. Make them at home and serve yourself. You will feel great!