Weight Loss Exercises: 5 Minute Power Core Workout

5 Minute Power Core Workout

5 Minute Power Core WorkoutThese weight loss exercises strengthen your abdominal muscles and keep your body tight. Best of all, the workout takes only five minutes! The good thing about this workout: It does not take long because the exercises are very intense. In a short time, you can really pump out here. The training is not only effective, but also refreshingly different – with many new exercises that are not only effective but fun at the same time. Training is done 3 times a week for about 15 minutes, so two sets of 12-16 repetitions per exercise and body side. Our exercises strengthen the straight abdominal muscles, which counteracts a hollow back and ensures a stable posture. The oblique abdominal muscles are also strengthened, which provides new mobility and a better body feeling. In addition, other zones are trained: back, buttocks and legs. 

Important: Perform all exercises slowly and controlled, on the floor, preferably on a non-slip and soft surface. Concentrate on your abdominal muscles and tense them during each exercise. Always breathe normally, do not squeeze or hold the air. And schedule workout-free days between workouts – eventually, muscles grow during exercise breaks.


1. Rolling Up

How It Works: Lay on your back and bend your legs. Place your arms sideways next to your body with your palms facing down. Then slowly roll up the body from bottom to top until the butt points to the ceiling. Keep short. Upper and lower legs form a right angle in this position. Then slowly roll back down.

ImportantMake sure that your head always stays on the ground.


2. Short Back

How It Works: Lift the upper body from the supine position and hold it. Arm your arms at shoulder height and clench your fists. Then lift the lower legs and bend them parallel to the ground, tightening the toes. Lean back and raise the upper body with short movements, at the same time pushing the knees away from the body and putting them back on. Always move the lower legs parallel to the ground.

ImportantDo not lean back and straighten your upper body in short movements and with tight abdominal muscles.


3. Edge

How It Works: Lie supine, arms next to the body, loosen the upper body from the ground, while firmly tightening the abdominal muscles. Stretch your legs to the ceiling and let them sink slightly towards the floor. Stretch your feet to the tips and open your legs hip-width. The palms with stretched arms in front of the body bring together, the thumbs point upwards. Then, with arms outstretched, make two edge blows in the air, firstly next to the right leg outside, secondly between the legs and thirdly next to the left leg outside. Carry out a short and controlled movement of hand edges.

ImportantMake sure that the lower back always rests firmly on the floor.


4. Straight Fit

How It Works: Lie supine, bend left leg on the floor. Lift the upper body, but only so far that the lumbar spine is still in contact with the ground. Stretch your right leg up to the ceiling and stretch your arms out from the side of your body. The hands are now next to the hips, the palms facing the ceiling and the thumbs outwards. Then slowly raise the upper body, while lowering the elongated leg, without laying it on the ground. Finally, while sitting, pull the upper body a little forward, stretching your arms forward at shoulder height. Then lean your back back and stretch your right leg back to the ceiling.

ImportantPerform the exercise quickly, but in a controlled manner.

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5. Cross Pull

How It Works: Lie supine, bend left leg and put it down on the floor. Right arm at shoulder height straight away from the body and lay on the floor. Anant your left arm and place your left hand under the back of your head. Stretch the right leg to the tip of the foot and lift. Now lead the elbow of the bent arm to the opposite leg. Then lower the upper body and leg again to the starting positions.

ImportantCarefully and slowly turn on the upper body.

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6. Long-Line

How It Works: Forearm support with long legs. The elbows are under the shoulders. Back, buttocks and legs form a straight line. Stand one foot on the other with your toes. With the help of the lower foot, the whole body is pushed forward and back again.

ImportantDo not make a hollow cross, do not stick out Po.



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