6 Reasons to NOT Follow a Ketogenic Diet Long Term

The Ketogenic diet is all about managing crabs to stay fit and healthy. It can be a perfect option to avail for a lot of us but for some, it is actually not the right thing. This diet plan is much popular because it is a low carb plan. Ketogenic basically focuses on the consumption of low crabs by which the body enters a state which is known as ketosis which is a natural phenomenon which let your body enter into survival mode because of low carb consumption. Reasons why you should not follow a ketogenic diet long term

Do you want to know the reasons to clear all your doubts regarding this? Here, are the reasons for you to know:

  1. Benefits of a ketogenic diet will decrease with time
  2. Risk of Arterial Stiffness can be increased
  3. Use of ketogenic diet long term can increase cardiovascular risk
  4. Use of ketogenic diet long term can lead you to brain concerns.
  5. Ketogenic diet long term can lead you to nutritional deficiencies
  6. Ketogenic diet long term can cause many of the health concerns


1. Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet Will Decrease with Time

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The ketogenic diet is perfect to avail short term benefits such as to decrease weight, blood pressure, abdominal circumference and fasting plasma glucose etc. However, the results seem to be perfect during a specific time period but over the time the benefits can be seen to decrease.


2. Risk of Arterial Stiffness Can Be Increased

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In many of the children and young adults, arterial stiffness is increased when they are treated with a ketogenic diet plan. Arterial stiffness is an early stage of cardiovascular diseases. While arteries can be returned to their normal condition with 1 to 2 years of dietary therapy.

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3. Use of Ketogenic Diet Long Term Can Increase Cardiovascular Risk

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Many of the research results have shown that if you are going to follow a ketogenic diet plan for a longer period of time which is based on low carb, but high protein and high fat plan then you will be at higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. And in the results of this diet plan cholesterol and LDL levels have found increased.


4. Use of Ketogenic Diet Long Term Can Lead you to Brain Concerns

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Consumption of low crab consumption can lower the level of your blood glucose. And your brain runs mainly on blood glucose. But in the case of a ketogenic diet plan, it is not able to satisfy the glucose demand in the body. The amount which your body is going to get during the ketogenic diet is not enough for your brain to function properly. Therefore, following a ketogenic diet long term is not a better choice.


5. Ketogenic Diet Long Term Can Lead You to Nutritional Deficiencies

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As ketogenic is a low carb diet, therefore, it can be difficult for the body to sustain this diet plan for a long period of time and it may be because you can’t maintain it on a regular basis. In ketogenic diet plan you have to follow a restricted diet in which you may totally ignore some food groups and if you are going to follow this restricted plan for an extended period of time it can lead you to nutritional deficiencies which can disturb the normal working of your body. It can lower your energy level and can cause body fatigue.

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6. Ketogenic Diet Long Term Can Cause Many of the Health Concerns

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Ketogenic diet long term can lead you to some major health issues. Although, in the ketogenic diet you have to restrict the crab intake but the consumption of protein intake would b higher which can affect your kidneys. At the same time, this low carb but high intake routine for a long period of time can weaken your bones. And it can lower the Bone Mineral Content and Bone Mineral Density of your bones. These are the 2 most major health concerns which will be raised by long term follow of a ketogenic diet.  

Although some research studies suggest that the use of the ketogenic diet is safe to adopt specifically for the people who are obsessed or overweight. However, the use of the ketogenic diet long term is not being considered safe.

Why Should NOT Follow a Ketogenic Diet Long Term


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