9 Worst Drinks on a Ketogenic Diet | You Should Never Drink

If you are following a ketogenic diet, you should be extremely careful about the drinks that you consume. If you mistakenly consume a drink that offers a higher amount of carbs, you will find it as a difficult task to achieve the ketogenic state. Due to this reason, you must understand what the best keto drink options available to you are when following a ketogenic diet. Below mentioned are 9 of the worst drinks that are available for your consumption when following a ketogenic diet. All people who follow ketogenic diets are strongly encouraged to stay away from the below-mentioned drinks because they are the worst ones that you can ever have.


1. Milkshake

Milkshakes are delicious. However, they are made with whipped cream, milk and ice cream, which provide a large amount of calories. In addition, a lot of sugar can also be found in milkshakes, which makes it harmful for your body.

  • 60 Carb for 30 cl or 10 oz.

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2. Lattes

Lattes are usually being made with the help of steamed milk and espressos. They are filled with sugar and calories as well. Therefore, lattes are not in a position to help you remain within the ketogenic state. You must try out a black coffee in the next time when you come across the need to order a latte.

  • 15 Carb for 35 cl or 12 oz.

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3. Diet Soda

Most of the people get tricked because of the name “Diet Soda”. Diet soda is not something recommended for the individuals who are following a ketogenic diet. They are made through the assistance of a large number of artificial sweeteners. Even though these sweeteners offer a lower amount of calories, they can slow down your metabolism in the long run.


4. Beer

You must never consume beer while you are following a ketogenic diet. Most of the people prefer to have a beer, at least for one time a week. But this habit can keep you away from losing weight through achieving the state of ketosisTherefore, you must take appropriate steps in order to minimize the consumption of beer as well.

  • 13 Carb for 35 cl or 12 oz.


5. Cocktails

As you already know, a lot of sweeteners including sugar is being added when preparing cocktails. Due to this reason, you are encouraged to stay away from the consumption of cocktails while following a ketogenic diet. A large percentage of ingredients that are being added into cocktails, such as juices and syrups contain a lot of sugar and calories.


6. Ice Tea

You can easily purchase iced tea from your convenient store or a nearby restaurant. But all people who follow ketogenic diets are strongly encouraged to stay away from the consumption of iced tea as much as possible. Iced tea has the ability to make you gain weight through the supply of a lot of calories into your body.

  • 32 Carb for 35 cl or 12 oz.


7. Energy Drinks

If you are an athlete, you must be consuming energy drinks on a regular basis. But this has been identified as a product that you should never consume when you are trying to achieve the ketogenic state. On the other hand, consumption of energy drinks in the long run can even lead you towards weight gain in the long run.

  • 28 Carb for 25 cl or 8.4 oz.


8. Smoothies

Not all the smoothies are bad when you are following a ketogenic diet. Due to this reason, it is important for you to understand what the healthy smoothie options available for your consumption are. If the fruit used for the smoothie doesn’t contain a lot of sugar, you can go ahead with that smoothie.

  • 36 Carb for 35 cl or 12 oz.


9. Skim Milk

Skim milk has been identified as one of the best sources of protein and calcium. But you will need to stay away from the consumption of skim milk while you are on a ketogenic diet. That’s because the fat content that you can find in skim milk can keep you away from achieving the ketogenic state.


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