Tips For Having Alcohol On A Low Carb Ketogenic Diet

Alcohol On A Low Carb Ketogenic DietDo you often miss a glass of your favorite alcohol after starting the Ketogenic diet regime? Well, many might face a similar issue and so in order to sort things out, we’ve figured out some awesome tips for having alcohol even when you’re on a stringent keto diet. Read on, for a quick scoop on the types of alcohol that may not mingle with the basic regime of the ketosis diet.



Yep! You can have liquor basedalcoholon a Ketogenic diet as well. However, ensure that you have the drink in limited amounts. Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Whisky and even Scotch and Brandy are allowed in your diet. However, before taking any kind of liquor check the.. nutritional information and limit your consumption to a certain amount.

You also have to stick to certain brands which have lower carbs and processed fats. The flavored versions of these drinks come with a different set of nutritional information and you have to check them from time to time for safe and easy consumption of liquor. Once you follow the right guidelines, you will be easily able to enjoy your favorite drinks without having to think about carbs and fats.




Well, let’s face it now. It is almost impossible to have beers in a low carbohydrate, Ketogenic diet. For the diet, you’ve got to adhere to only the light beers that will generally keep you longing and craving for something more. Some of the low carb packs of beer include Bud Select, MGD, Rolling Rock Green Light, Michelob Ultra, Coors Light, Amstel Light and Bud light. These beers contain less of carbohydrate and more of fat. Even though beer does not have anything to do with your digestive system, yet you should avoid it for the wheat content in it. This in turn will also let you enjoy gluten free beer all way round.




Well, yes. You are reading just right. Wine too can be a part of your low carb ketogenic diet. Chardonnay, Marlot, Cabernet and even Champagne can make their place in your alcohol low carb Keto diet. These wines have an extremely less alcoholic content and they won’t, under any circumstances, affect your basic regime of the Ketogenic diet.



Guidelines, Tricks and What to Avoid in Your in Keto Diet

  • No matter how much you love Jagermeister, you’ve got to avoid it in a low carb diet. One shot of this drink has around 10 carbs which is definitely not good for your body.

  • Fruit juices and fruit juice based champagnes with a fruity taste should be avoided in your diet plan. They are rich in sugar and carbs which is definitely not good for your body.

  • While consuming alcohol, be extremely sure about the type of alcohol you choose. The alcohol is burned before the fat in your body and so, you’ve got to be sure about the brands you go for.

Within a week of your low carb diet, you will observe a dramatic change in the alcohol tolerance level. So, wait no more and simply follow these guidelines for a healthy and hearty body all way round. If you need more information about ketogenic diet, you can read this:

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