Benefits of Coconut Oil and Its Role in Ketogenic Diet

coconut oil and keto diet

coconut oil and keto dietCoconut oil is the fatty-oil that is obtained from the coconut flesh. The oil serves varieties of usage as edible oil, skin oil as well as an item for cosmetic products. Aside, the oil with its content of MCFAs, offers several health benefits in instances like obesity, heart ailments and as Ketogenic diet components that is advised in treating epilepsy

Oil That is Loaded with MCFAs

Coconut oil is loaded with content of MCFAs that is considered to be a healthy form of the saturated fats, as contrasted with the TRANS fat. Contrary to the consumption of oils that carries TRAN’s fats, Coconut oil for its content of MCFAs aid in the metabolism of the fats through instant conversion of the fats into energy that fuels the body function.

Are you aware of the fact that coconut oil can be one of the prime stuff to fight obesity? As discussed in the paragraph above, the fat in oils of coconut facilitates better metabolism functions and hence, then there are no threats for the fats to accumulate. Also state that the oil from coconut gets digested easily and hence it never carries the threats for accumulation of fats, thereby boosting obesity. The good thing is that the oil comes at much cheaper rates.


Nutritional Values (Amount Per 100 Grams)

  • Calories: 862 kcal
  • Fat: 100 g
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg
  • Carbohydrate: 0 g


Oils of Coconut Help in Fighting Stage-2 Diabetes

Coconut oil even comes effective to fight against the stage-2 diabetic problems. It is a again for the MCFAs fat that gets instantly converted to energy owing to the smaller sizes of its particles. The oil of coconut fights against diabetes by shielding the chances of insulin resistance.

As the constituent of coconut oil is the acids like Lauric, capric and caprulic that are featured antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties, it has immensely boosts the immunity system of the body. With approximate content of about 75% of MCFAs, coconut oil can heal bacteria like influenza, helicobacter and cytomegalovirus.

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Coconut Oil Has Connection with Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet features the presence of higher fats than carbohydrates and the basic objective of this diet is to make the body to burn the fats more that the carbohydrates. As coconut oil majorly contains MCFAs that gets converted to energy instantly, the oil is prescribed as a part of the ketogenic diet for treating epilepsy.


Category of People Who Should Necessarily Use Coconut Oil

From the discussions made above, it gets established that those who are fighting obesity or folks experiencing cardiac problems as well as those individuals suggested to have Ketogenic diet, should necessarily adapt to the consumption of coconut oil. In general, Coconut oil can be a wonderful natural moisturizer and hence specially suits the people with dry skins for external usages.


Who Should Refrain From The Oils of Coconut?

People suffering from instances of problems like higher cholesterol level, should stay away from the consumption of coconut oil.  Aside, in some case, even the pregnant women as well as the breast feeding mothers are advised to refrain from the consumption of the oils of coconut.

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