Coconut Cream Macaroons From Ketogenic Desserts

Coconut Cream Macaroons

keto coconut macaroonsIn an era where losing weight has become the latest trend, the majority of the population tend to be nervous about what they consume as food and beverages. Especially they feel guilty about having desserts. A misconception has been rooted in the society for decades which states that oily desserts lead to health hazards such as strokes, cholesterol and diabetes and gaining weight. On the contrary low carb high fat ketogenic desserts could eliminate above mentioned health issue while gifting you longevity. This article’s principal objective is to discuss benefits and nutritional values of a delicious, healthy and easy to make ketogenic dessert. After this article; you will learn how to prepare your coconut cream macaroons, calories, nutritional values and more.. Ready to start?

How to Prepare Coconut Cream Macaroons

– 1 teaspoon vanilla
– 4 or 5 egg whites
– 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
– 9 ounces cream cheese
– 1 cup erythritol
– 3 ounces heavy cream
– 1/8 teaspoon salt
– 18 ounces dried coconut

To prepare this mouth watering ketogenic dessert you need to get some delicately shredded dried coconut, egg whites, cream cheese, heavy cream, cream of tartar, erythritol, vanilla, salt, unsweetened white chocolate syrup and semi sweetened chocolate chips. Once you are ready.. with the ingredients whisk egg whites, cream of tartar, vanilla and salt together. Occasionally sprinkle erythritol and whisk to the point where you could see hard peaks in the mixture. Add coconut and keep the mixture aside. Then whisk cream cheese, heavy cream and chocolate syrup together. Now mix well while adding the previous mixture. Add chocolate chips at the end. Scoop the mixture and place on a cookie sheet to bake. Bake for around 25 minutes in a 325F preheated oven. Then leave the macaroons in the oven for another 30 minutes to dry. Voila! Your scrumptious ketogenic dessert is ready to serve.

Ketogenic Dessert Benefits

Coconut Cream MacaroonsThe above ketogenic macaroons are made from several nutritious ketogenic foods like coconut, egg whites, cream cheese, heavy milk etc. that could force your body to enter the ketosis state to boost the fat burning process. Ketosis is the state where the body converts fat into energy instead of glycogen. This happens only if the body lack carbohydrate for the conversion. The fat to carbohydrate to protein ratio of each macaroon is 7:3:2. This wholesome ketogenic dessert also contains 78 calories per macaroon. Beside the main advantage of increasing the number of ketones in the body which directly affect the fat burning process; ketogenic foods possess the amazing abilities of lowering the risk heart disease and Alzheimer, controlling cancers and seizure of epilepsy patients etc. There’s no room for more doubts. Try out this simple recipe and share a healthy and delicious ketogenic dessert with your loved ones.

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