Are You in Keto and Not Losing Weight? | Most Common Reasons

I'm in Ketosis and not Losing Weight

Keto diet is one of the most popular diet plans which is not only effective for weight loss but also comes up with multiple health benefits. Some of the most common benefits include blood sugar roller coaster elimination, enhanced energy levels and more. Most of the people around used to follow keto diet to lose weight. But if you are in keto and not losing weight then this can be pretty frustrating. Here we have enlisted some of the most common reasons for not losing weight even if you are on keto.


Reasons to Consider If You are in Keto and Not Losing Weight

Here are the most common causes which you must know if you are in keto and not losing weight:


1. You Are Consuming too Many Carbs

Carbs are tricky when you are on keto especially because these are hidden in various unexpected foods even in keto-friendly foods too. Higher intake of carbs can cause problem in losing weight. Therefore, it is highly important to count on your daily carbs’ intake. Use a food tracker solution to know how many carbs are in the food you are going to take to keep your carbs consumption in check.

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2. Lack of Nutritious Food Consumption

Now matter which diet plan you are following; the key of effective weight loss journey is to eat nutritious. Relying on food which lacks in nutritious values can cause a dent in your weight loss, even if these are keto-friendly. Avoid intaking too much processes food to optimize weight loss in keto and focus more on consuming snacks and meals containing fresh ingredients.



3. Intake of too Much Protein

There is a reason why macros tell you how much protein, carbs and fat are necessary to eat daily. Following macros properly can let you stay in ketosis. For people who are going to intake too much of protein their body will change it into carbs via gluconeogenesis. Then, this will become one of the major reasons for being in keto and not losing weight. It is highly advised to intake proper amount of protein, not too much or too less.


4. Constant Snacking on Foods with High Calories

Although snacking on healthy food options is effective to prevent between meal hunger as well as overeating. But when you are snacking constantly on high calories snacks such as nuts, cheese, fat bombs, butter, etc. then this can cause problem such as being in keto and not losing weight.

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5. Inadequate Sleep

Researches have shown that inadequate sleep can impact weight loss negatively. It encourages hunger-related hormones negatively and cause increased appetite. If you are in keto and not losing weight then make sure to try techniques which can help you to experience proper sleep.


6. Not Getting Enough Physical Activity

Exercise is not only necessary to stay active and fit but also stimulates your weight loss process. When you are trying to lose weight with keto diet, then incorporate more physical activity in your regular routine. Besides weight loss, it will help you to cope up with multiple health problems in the best possible way.

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7. More Consumption of Processed Keto Foods

With the increased popularity of keto, food choices for keto has also grown. Although it is good to have multiple options on one hand, but availability of some not-so-healthy choices available out there can affect your ability to stay on ketosis. Various processed keto food options are misleading people. So, make sure to consume as less as possible processed keto foods.



8. A Genetic or Medical Problem

Some medical problems just like depression, hyperinsulinemia or PCOS can cause difficulty in losing weight. If you are suffering any of such problems you may find your weight loss stall culprit. But if you are not sure about it, then make sure to see a primary care physician to find out if something is there.



These are some of the most common reasons behind complain “in keto and not losing weight”. Besides these, it is also important for you to set realistic weight loss expectations from your diet plan. As most of the people wished to have faster results. Keep in mind that weight loss varies from person to person. So, at the rate you are losing might not be that rapid. So, have patience and follow your keto plan properly.

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