Jenna Jameson’s Weight Loss Secrets | Keto Diet Before and After

Jenna Jameson Keto Diet Before and After

Jenna Jameson is being known as a face of keto diet because of her successful weight loss journey. Jenna Jameson wants her fans and followers to know the results of any weight loss journey never happen overnight. It is because a weight loss journey is more like a marathon not a sprint. Most inspiringly she hasn’t held anything back about her diet plan. Here we have multiple things for you to know about Jenna Jameson on keto diet. So, that you can get a better idea about the adult star Jenna Jameson on keto diet journey.


1. When Did Jenna Jameson Start Keto?

It seems like keto wins again or at least it has won for the former adult star Jenna Jameson. The former adult star and a mother of three kids shared her journey on being keto to shed her extra pounds. Jenna Jameson on keto diet journey was started after giving birth to Batel (her daughter) in April 2017. After that, she started to struggle with her postpartum body for a couple of months and then she planned to give a try to the trendier diet. And from here the journey of Jenna Jameson on keto diet gets started. She also added, besides losing weight, keto diet also helped her to feel slimmer, happier, healthier and more confident.

However, just after welcoming her daughter, Jenna Jameson planned to start an epic and effective post-baby Jenna Jameson weight loss plan. She shared her entire journey on Instagram to let people know how her transformation actually took place. She kept it all real and allowed others know what Jenna Jameson on keto diet actually worked. Jenna shared all the frustrations, setbacks and her belly flab photos, while dropping insane amount of inspiration and wisdom along with her weight loss.



2. How Much Weight Has Jenna Jameson Lost?

Jenna Jameson on keto diet is an amazing journey which has created a hype on the internet. Because she has not held anything back about her weight loss plan and the way her journey went on throughout. She told all her fans and followers that she followed keto diet plan to cope with her extra weight. This ever-trendy diet plan helped her to shed about 80 pounds.

Jenna Jameson was on a low carb and high-fat diet since after she started to struggle with losing weight that she gained during her pregnancy period. And by following this diet plan she slimmed down to a healthy 125. With her day by day Jenna Jameson weight loss story, her Instagram just turned into an inspiration page for keto more from her personal account. Because here, she has not only shared her weight loss progress but also let people know what she eats throughout the day and how her meal plans actually work.

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3. Jenna Jameson’s Daily Keto Menu

Although Jenna Jameson aimed for organic food options when it is all about her keto diet but Jenna Jameson is a bit more practical. So, she has not only shared her menus but also let people what she does when she is on a pinch and fast food is her only way.

However, when it comes to Jenna Jameson weight loss keto diet menu, she shared a quick and interesting run down of what meals she eats all day. Most amazingly, all of these meal plans are keto-approved. Undoubtedly, she has made it easy, quick and delicious for people with her shared keto diet recipes. She used to share her meal recipes on Instagram more often and keeps uploading her candid with real and honest captions to let others know about her keto diet lifestyle in a proper way.

  • Breakfast: For breakfast; Jenna Jameson used to have a coffee with a keto-approved sweetener with arugula with two eggs and hot sauce rolled in parmesan wraps.
  • Lunch: For lunch; she preferred to have zucchini noodles sauté.
  • Dinner: For dinner; Jenna Jameson prepared a Korean beef bowl with cauliflower rice, multiple seasonings, ground beef and green onion.


A Full Day Menu of Jenna Jameson on Keto Diet

Recently, she shared a side by side photograph of her progress on Jenna Jameson weight loss journey. She captioned that with a hashtag #mondaymotivation and shared an update of her keto diet menu with her followers. She took her fans through a glimpse of a complete day menu of Jenna Jameson on keto diet. Have a look at it if you are keto ready:

  • I. Jenna Jameson wakes up at 8:00 am and starts her day with a cup of coffee with an Italian sugar-free sweet cream creamer, and stevia.
  • II. Then, at 11:00 am she goes with a full of avocado and 3 hard-boiled eggs breakfast, she sprinkles everything with The Bagel seasoning.
  • III. While, at 2:00 pm, she cooks a steak with avocado oil in a pan and used to serve it over arugula.
  • IV. At 4:00 pm she snacks on with a cottage cheese cup.
  • V. 5:00 pm is her time to cook salmon with lemon butter in the oven which she pairs and dill with broccoli or asparagus.
  • VI. But from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm she goes on intermittent fasting but she drinks tea and water if she feels a need of it. [*]


Foods to Avoid

Jenna Jameson on keto used to avoid consuming rice, bread, refined sugar, pasta, snacks and fast food etc. She stated staying away from all these stuffs and focusing more on whole and fresh foods helped her to achieve Jenna Jameson weight loss goals in a more effective way.

She also wrote on one of his Instagram stories that parental vitamins are a part of her regular routine as she is a breastfeeding mother. Jameson also noted that she never eats meat and dairy together.

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4. Jenna Jameson’s Incredible Change with Keto Diet

Jenna Jameson New Look

Jenna Jameson has transformed herself completely with the controversial keto diet. All and all, Jenna Jameson is at the vanguard of championing the keto diet benefits which she started following the birth of daughter in April 2017. Because in December, she has started her dedicated Instagram page which is all about keto diet and has gotten massive popularity with more than 500K followers. It seems like Jenna Jameson is pretty loud and proud with her incredible keto diet experience.

As you can see her before and after pictures to experience her incredible progression throughout the time. She spent about a year and half to achieve her weight loss goal, and decided to tweak different parts of her body individually and she succeeded in it amazingly. She keeps shared her honest, inspirational and uplifting Jenna Jameson on keto diet journey with her fans and also discussed how she feels powerful with the recent changes in her body.  

Jenna Jameson on keto diet is not only an inspiration for the ones who want to start their weight loss journey but it is an incredible source of true and honest instructions for the people to retain perfect results in the best possible way.



5. Does Jenna Jameson Have a Special Workout Routine?

Jenna Jameson has been committed to the keto diet as an incredible weight loss plan since after welcoming her daughter in the world. If you are following her on Instagram then you certainly have seen her incredible keto diet cooking videos and shopping lists. But when it comes to her workout routine you might have noticed that she is less vocal about it. Or might be she is not following any hard workout routine to share.


Jenna Jameson Doesn’t Like Exercising

As per her latest Instagram post, Jenna Jameson is the one of those who doesn’t like exercising. She said that she feels awkward when people ask her about her workout routines. On one of her before and after picture she wrote that she feels people won’t believe that she shed all of her weight by following a diet alone. But the truth is she is not an avid gym head and she loathe the gym.


Jenna Jameson Perform Power Walks

But Jenna Jameson is not hitting up any gym does not mean that she is not active still. She said that she has tried yoga and gym but failed. But at the present time she is doing the things like power walks to the market with Batelli regularly. Also, she cores strengthen by holding her stomach flexing for and taught as long as possible. Because this can help you much in diastasis i.e. the separation of the abs.

Most commonly pregnant females develop diastasis recti due to increased tension on the abdominal wall when the belly grows with time. So, by doing these workouts, people can have the same results as of Jenna Jameson.

If you are the person going to gym on a regular basis freaks you out then you can prefer to perform the workouts which are being performed by Jenna Jameson in her weight loss routine. These can be enough for anyone to retain core strength in the best possible way.

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6. Jenna Jameson Keto Diet Before and After

Jenna Jameson Before and After Photo

Jenna Jameson has shared her before and after pictures of Jenna Jameson’s weight loss journey to show her fans and followers what she has actually achieved. By seeing these before and after photos, you are able to see her results absolutely.

Jenna Jameson has also shared what she feels about losing her weight. She wrote, on one of her Instagram pictures, that she was struggling even with the easiest tasks of her life just like walking on a sandy beach with the Batelli. She felt slow physically and mentally.

Jenna Jameson further said, the diet has helped her to feel smarter and happier. But it was not an easier journey at all. And the first week of Jenna Jameson on keto diet was rougher especially. However, after that things got easier for Jenna Jameson’s weight loss journey.

Jenna Jameson has also addressed her fans for being on keto diet as a breastfeeding mom. She said that she cut out various things including potatoes, pasta, bread, refined sugar, snacks, rice, etc. And turned her focus on eating healthy and whole foods including fish, meat, veggies, etc. While, this lifestyle preference didn’t affect her milk supply to even one bit. So, all of the females who are planning to start their weight loss process, look at Jenna Jameson. Because it can be done even with having a kid.

Jenna Jameson also said that even she started this journey to shed her extra pounds, but it helped her to learn putting her health first. And this was essential for also being a good mom. She has also found her strength when she started to take care of herself.


Final Words

Jenna Jameson on keto diet, one of the most inspirational topics for the ones who are planning to start their weight loss plan. Jenna Jameson has shared every bit of her weight loss journey from beginning to even what she is on at the present time. In return she has gotten massive praise from her followers and fans. Her fans are commenting and praising her for being an inspirational figure, a fantastic mom and even a successful business person. However, in December 2019, she has made a confession by revealing that she is returning to keto diet after gaining 20 pounds.


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