Ketogenic Diet and Its Effects On Cholesterol

ketogenic diet and cholesterolKetogenic diet holds a magical capacity to heal the problems of high blood sugar. This diet plan addresses the causes of diabetes from the grass-root level not only curing the disease but it can actually prevent the outburst of the silent killer.

The root cause to the problem of diabetes is the abnormally high rate of glucose in the blood. What makes the glucose level in the blood to rise at that pace? The peril lies with the consumption of carbohydrates in excessive count that eventually gets converted to the glucose, if not burnt properly. It is obvious that the hectic life schedule people hold these days, sticking to definite fitness regime that is the best way to burn the carbohydrates, is almost impossible. As such, it would be always better to adapt to the Ketogenic diet that features the minimal content of carbohydrate. Thus, the main peril behind the problem of the diabetes is addressed by downsizing the supply of carbohydrates so that there are no chances for glucose to form.

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Boost The Level of HDL Cholesterol

A diabetic patient would always have higher counts of cholesterol, though the level of HDL cholesterol would be significantly low. The HDL variety is considered the good cholesterol that reduces the accumulation of the harmful cholesterols. The ketogenic diet is the perfect way to reduce the harmful cholesterol by boosting the level of the HDL cholesterol, which had been identified as cholesterol that shield the hearts and improves the metabolic system.

Reduces the Triglycerides

Another significant contribution that the ketogenic diet does is that reduces the triglycerides in the blood. Usually, the level of the triglycerides rise after fasting and the rising rate is one of the major factors that boost the chances of cardiac arrest. In that regards, the high-protein and fat content highly reduces the triglycerides.

Optimizes the Secretion of Insulin

Another peril that paves the way for the exceptionally high blood sugar level is the little or no secretion of the Insulin hormones in the pancreas. If insulin is not appropriately produced in the body, either, or the body turns insulin resistant, the blood glucose would not enter to the tissues. As such, the body would not only feel fatigued but the blood glucose level would rise abnormally. Ketogenic diet stimulates the pancreas for the optimal secretion of the insulin hormone that subsequently monitors the level of glucose in the blood.

To conclude it can be said that the Ketogenic diet shield the body from al l the probable chances of attacks by diabetes that can result to a fatal outcome.

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