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Keto Diet Reviews

Keto Diet ReviewsAgainst the backdrop where the rising rates of malnutrition, diabetes and obesity is running the public health, a ketogenic diet is a dietary approach that would enable to offer solutions to all those problems one shot. The article had attempted to find the reviews on the diet plan, as experienced by the folks giving a try to it.

Real User Reviews About Ketogenic Diet

Selin: Hi Folks! I was suffering from high levels of blood glucose & insulin when I came to know about the ketogenic diet from one of my peers. Though, I was a bit skeptical at the start, but to my wonder, just within 3 weeks of adapting to the diet, I experienced significant reduction in the insulin and blood glucose level. I would highly suggest the diet as the minimum carbohydrate contents would prevent the ailments with blood glucose.

Thomas: Dear Friends! I came to know about the ketogenic diet while surfing on the internet. I had been on the obese sides. Impressed with the diet, I gave a try on it for about 5 weeks and had been able to reduce 6 kg by that phase. The best thing was that the diet never made me to feel starved or as if a punishment to the taste buds.

Joe: I had problems with the cholesterol level and my dietician suggested me the Ketogenic diet about 3 weeks back. I followed her instructions, and to my utter surprise, just in the span of 21 days, I noticed that the level of the HDL cholesterol had improved, with the reduction of the level of the hazardous cholesterol level.

Sam: I would like to review the ketogenic diet as the easiest yet the most effective diet plan. My point of impression was on the point that for the last 6 weeks I am on this diet, I never felt to be left hungry as the other diet plans do and of course, the delicacy was a treat to the taste buds. I would rate the ketogenic diet on perfect-10 score as it is highly effective yet offers no challenge in adapting to the diet plan.

Angelina: Though, there can never ever be doubts about the affectivity of the ketogenic diet, I felt that following the diet comes bit expensive. Else it is the perfect diet plan.

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