Ketogenic Diet | What Are The Proven Health Benefits?

Ketogenic Diet

Ketosis is a natural and healthy method of metabolism in which the body burns its own fat instead of glucose. It takes place when the carbohydrates are restricted and the body lacks glucose, the liver is forced to produce ketones. In normal course the rise of ketones can be due to starvation, type 1 diabetes and also by excess alcoholism. Ketones are acidic chemicals that can increase blood acidity which can cause liver and kidney damage or other urinary problems.


Ketogenic Diet Benefits

Ketogenic DietThe ketogenic diet is the type of food that allows the body to get into the state of ketosis and help in the burning of excess fat for energy and weight loss. Ketogenic foods are powerful for metabolism. They constitute a diet of healthy delicious and natural food products. The basic foods included in this plan are:

  • Lean meats like beef and chicken
  • Foods rich in  protein and fats like eggs, butter, coconut oil and avocado
  • Leafy vegetables like spinach, and chard
  • Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.
  • Seeds, nuts, sprouts and other foods that give healthy protein, fats and nutrients.

Ketogenic diet plan limits the use of foods containing high carbohydrates, sugars and certain types of fats. These foods can be toxic and create a high glucose level that is turned into the body as stored fat. The sugar and insulin level in the body is increased by these food products and prevent the burning of fat stored in the body. These foods can be avoided by limiting foods containing grains, processed foods like pizza and burger, vegetable oils like corn, soybean and canola oil, and high sugar and carbohydrate-containing foods like milk, ghee, and margarine.

The ketogenic diet does not believe in the old saying that high calories food should be reduced for weight loss. The modern understanding of nutrition believes that there are only certain foods that are not good because they are difficult to be processed by the body. These foods are high in Omega -6 fatty acids. Other fats that are medium-chain triglycerides help in the process of weight loss and generation of brain cells. These saturated fats are needed to give energy to the body that is required for ketosis.


Ketogenic Diet and Weight Loss

It is found that there are three main problems with the diet that prevents fat loss.  They are taking too much protein, lack of good fat and residuals of carbohydrates. In order to reduce fat, the best diet plan is one that manages insulin which is released when there is blood sugar fluctuations. The high insulin levels it becomes difficult to break the stored fat in the cells for getting energy for the body. Ketogenic diet with foods providing fewer proteins, low carbohydrates, the right type of fats and lots of vegetables will surely help in permanent loss of weight by burning the fat deposits.

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