Ketogenic Espresso From Low Carb Snack Ideas

ketogenic-espressoMany debates take place regarding the Ketogenic diet to hit a certain weight reduction goal. There are people who follow diverse plans in the form of a regular diet, but fail to burn fat and feel light in weight. Based on all the issues, Ketogenic diet is presented with interesting and less calorie recipe which has made the men and woman go for it by gathering interesting information which proves it to be a mostly gluten free recipe. Mainly, a Ketogenic diet is a low carbs diet, which is used not only for the fat burning by fitness trainers, bikini models and body builders, but also by patients who are going through cancer, Alzheimer, epilepsy and other ailments. If you desire to have a look at the diet recipe with ingredients, then look at the recipe below to follow and achieve weight reduction in the body. The ketogenic espresso mainly consists of protein powder, stevia, Greek yogurt and espresso which, when blended gives a tasty shake which makes you feel to take every mentioned time without a miss and enjoy healthy life.

Ketogenic Espresso Ingredients

1- Banana, chunked and frozen

1- Scoop.. protein powder

1- Shot of espresso

1- tsp instant coffee {Brewed}

1- tsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1- tsp coconut palm sugar {optional}

1- cup coconut milk or cow milk

½- cup ice


Mix all the ingredients with protein powder in a blender and blend into a smoothie which makes 2 cups full and tasty to enjoy as a substitute for a meal.

Nutritional Value of Ketogenic Espresso Shakes (per serving)

The nutritional value of this nutritious diet is:

  • Calorie: 170
  • Protein: 35 gms
  • Carbohydrates-4g
  • Fat:1g

This recipe tastes identically to a milkshake and taste better with fewer calories, which prove to be safe and nutritious for health. It is recommended for fitness and body builders, athletes and other ailments people when taken regularly feels changes in body and health. You are recommended to try this recipe which really sounds good to maintain health and weight.

Benefits of Ketogenic Espresso

The main and interesting benefits of “Ketogenic espresso” are:

  • Its low carb diet alters the metabolic activities of your body and ensures weight loss.
  • The metabolic state happens when the level of Carbs is less and this is possible when we consume nearly 20 gms of Carbs every day.
  • The fat in Ketosis is used as a primary source of fuel for the body which means that most of the calories are received from consuming high fatty foods which are burnt instead of storing them in certain parts portions of the body.
  • It is so simple that, if you feed it Carbs, it will utilize carbs and if you feed fats, it will utilize fats and our bodies get easy access to this stored fat to get energy immediately.
  • Yet, Ketosis burns more calories every time you eat it and fades the excess fats from the body. All this leads to provide your body a certain metabolic benefit for weight reduction.

Try this fat burning espresso shake and share with your friends this weekend.

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