Ketogenic Quiche Recipe | An Easy Recipe For Making Almond Crushed Quiche

Ketogenic Quiche RecipeFrittatas are probably the most delectable sweet temptation, you’ve ever come across. In fact, whether you have them in the form of muffins or even cast irons, they turn out to be insanely delectable. However, with the Keto diet it is quite evident for you to miss the delectable pastry like feel of these temptations. So in order to tantalize your taste buds without wavering away from the from the basic keto regime, we have come up with some awesome ideas of making almond crushed quiches.If you need more ketogenic diet recipes, you can get from our ketogenic diet recipes category. So, you will definitely love the ketogenic quiche recipe. Take a look.

Things You’ll Need for The Recipe

Making an almond crushed quiche can be relatively simple, especially with the easy ingredients it comes with. For the crust of this quiche you will need.. honeyville almond flour of around one and a half cups, ¼ cup of olive oil, a tablespoon of oregano (preferably dried) and a dash of salt. The filling comes with a different set of ingredients that are equally easy to get and scrumptious. Here, you will need 6 large eggs, one and a half cups of cheddar cheese, 6-7 slices of bacon, 6 thin slices of green bell pepper, a dash of garlic, pepper and salt.

How to Make The Quiche?

Well, making the quiches is no big hassle at all, especially if you have the right ingredients in right proportions. Now, in order to make the quiches you have to begin by pre heating the oven. Try to get the pre heating done up to 350 degree Celsius. Now, get the bacon, cut them in small chunks and put them in the oven. Let these small chunks of bacon cook. In the meanwhile, add one and a half cup of honeyville almond flour, a tablespoon of dried oregano and one fourth table spoon of salt into the mixing bowl. You have to now start the mixing and ensure that the mixing is done well. Add a dash of salt to make the mixing well.

After this is done, add one fourth cup of olive oil and get the mixture done well. Mix extremely well and use your hands to make dough out of it. Now, use your hands once again and roll small balls out of the dough. Add a tablespoon of olive oil from time to time in order to make the consistency of the entire thing right.

You will have to now spread the dough in a huge casserole dish (around 11X7). Get the crust baked for around 20 minutes and always ensure that it is not fully cooked. Now, remove the bacons and set them on a paper towel to cool. Dice some green bell peppers and add a dash of garlic. Now, add the bell peppers and the fat of the bacon for cooking. Meanwhile, crack 6 eggs in a measuring jar. Add cheddar cheese, green bell peppers, garlic, bacon fat, table fat, pepper and salt to the mix. After this, get all the ingredients mixed properly. As soon as you have done this, add bacon to the mixture and continue until the entire mixture is well distributed.

Finally spread the mixture of bacon and egg on the crust and spread according to your convenience. Bake the quiche for around 15-18 minutes and your delectable golden brown quiche will soon be ready.

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