Ketone Diet | What You Should Know About Ketone Diet

Ketone Diet

Ketone DietUtilizing a high-fat concentration as well as balanced protein and lowered carb ingestion the ketone diet is a primary treatment solution for young adults and children suffering from the effects of epilepsy. The focus is for the body to produce energy from proteins rather than carbohydrates, lowering the amount of artificially created glucose levels in the body. Under un-managed conditions, increased levels of glucose are believed to trigger chemical imbalances in a young body’s system, allowing the thyroid to secrete hormones to combat the increase. These hormones sometimes have a side effect of triggering epileptic seizures and related events. By removing the carbohydrates from the diet, the ketone diet replaces the nutrients with protein, and when converted into energy, there is a greatly reduced factor of glucose in the system. Instead of being processed into glucose, the protein is transformed into strength building and nutrient rich ketones, hence the name, ketone diet.

Ketone Diet Increases Ketones in the Body

As the ketones flow through the body a condition known as.. ketosis occurs, eventually prompting the lessening of glucose in the system and as a result, a lowered frequency of seizures brought on by elevated glucose levels. By utilizing proteins as the energy blocks, young adults and children on a ketone diet receive adequate dietary levels of protein for muscle mass building and health, as well as adequate calories to use for exercise and activity. As such, a ketone diet maintains a healthy body without the issues directly related to high blood sugar levels from ingested glucose and food stuffs that will create glucose.

Foods that are excluded from a ketone diet include traditionally high carbohydrate infused nutrients such as starch-laden fruits and vegetables, breads, pasta dishes, most grains, and the wide influx of artificially sweetened products high in complex and simple sugars.

Ketone Diet | Results Reported from Ketone Diet Therapy

Reportedly, half of the young adults and children with epileptic symptoms who were placed on the ketone diet saw a reduction of almost half of their reported seizures. What makes this treatment really interesting is that if a child is removed from a concentrated practice of the ketone diet, the results continue onward, as though the initial cleansing of glucose levels assisted in the body repairing itself.


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Though there are some indications that adults with epilepsy may benefit from the treatment, the results are not as drastic, presumably due to the aging body’s ability to heal itself is not as pronounced as the biological functions of younger patients. Adults placed on a diet similar to the ketone diet, such as the Atkins diet which also reduces carbohydrate intake, have shown significantly better results.

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