The Most Yummy and Delightful Orange and Sage Glazed Duck Breast Recipe

Have you tried making duck breast? If your answer is a no, you should definitely give a try to the recipe of orange and sage glazed duck breast. This is a delicious recipe. In fact, it is very simple to prepare as well. Winter has made its way and it is time when people usually love to experiment with different dishes. If you want to prepare orange and sage glazed duck breast, it is very easy and simple recipe to make for your loved one or yourself. The duck breast is a little bit costly and not found in many places or market. If you find duck breast, then you should cook it and taste this lovely and yummy recipe.


Chicken Thighs are an Alternative Option

Most of the people are not comfortable with the use of duck. They can easily use chicken thigh in place of duck breast in the recipe. Remember an important thing that chicken thighs cooked in a hot pan because chicken thigh doesn’t have much fat then duck breast.


The Ingredients Required

  • Use 1 6 ounce of Duck Breast
  • Add 2 tablespoons of Butter
  • One or two tablespoons of Heavy Cream
  • Swerve Sweetener of one tablespoon
  • Half teaspoon of Orange Extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon of Sage
  • Only one cup of Spinach


The Method of Preparation

  • 1) Take the duck breast and a knife to mark or score on the top skin of the duck breast.

  • 2) For flavor put salt and pepper on the both sides of the duck breast piece.

  • 3) Put a pan on a low medium heat, then add butter and swerve on the pan. Cook it until the butter has become slightly brown in color.

  • 4) When the color of the butter changes into a dark golden color then add sage and orange extract on it. Let this cook till the butter color turns deep amber.

  • 5) During this time, you can cook the duck breast on the other side. Put the duck breast into a cold pan. The heat of the pan should be on the medium-high mode of the stove.

  • 6) After a few minutes, toss or flip the duck breast to fry it properly and see the delicious duck breast, crisp skin.

  • 7) Put heavy cream in the orange and sage butter, and then mix them together very well.

  • 8) Pour that mixture over the duck breast and let mix with the duck fat properly. Cook this for a couple more minutes.


How to Serve?

Use some wilted spinach in the pan to make the sauce. At last cut or slice the duck breast and place on top of wilted spinach with sauce to eat. This recipe looks awesome and also delicious in taste. Try it once.

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