Why Slow Carb Diet Will Work Wonders For You?

Slow Carb Diet

Slow Carb DietEveryone wants to lose some extra pounds and for that many people tend to fast or crash diet. If you also think that crash dieting will help you lose weight then you should know that it won’t. Crash dieting is harmful and you will bloat if you crash diet. So to lose weight what you need to do is adopt a good dieting program which will not deprive you from food but will do its work and make you shed weight quickly. One of the easiest and popular dieting programs which will help you out is slow carb diet.

What is Slow Carb Diet?

Before knowing how to adopt this dieting plan, you should know what is this slow carb diet. Basically, when on slow carb diet you are only allowed to eat food that contains low glycemic index. This will help your body to release energy slowly and also help your body to maintain the sugar level. When you intake fast carbs.. your blood sugar gets spiked and to bring it back to normal your body works hard and loses energy. Because of this “less energy” situation, your body will crave food and you will have hunger pangs and as a result you will intake more food thereby will gain weight. So with the intake of slow carbs you can avoid this. Beside these, slow carbs takes a longer time to be absorbed so you won’t get hungry quickly.

Difference With Low Carb Diet

Low carb diet has been around for a long time and that’s because it works, but just because it worked for someone less doesn’t mean that it will work for you too. Low carb is different form slow carb diet in many ways but the most distinguished difference is that in slow carb diet only low glycemic containing carbohydrates are allowed but in low carb most of the types of carbohydrates are requested to be replaced by fats. Along with this, the meal plan is also different in both of these diets. Everybody’s body and mind is different so when choosing a diet plan make sure that you pick the one which suits you.

The Steps Which to be Followed

  • You have to avoid all white carbs like rice, potato, bread and also wheat.
  • Stick to the diet by having similar meals every time.
  • Avoid fruits to avoid having Fructose while on this diet.
  • Do not drink calories like fizzy drinks or sugar filled tea or coffee.
  • Always have a day off every week. Weigh in this day and have whatever you feel like eating but make sure that it is only one day per week and not more.

Advantages of Slow Carb Diet

  • If you stick to this plan you can lose up to 10 pounds in the first month.
  • With slow carb diet you will consume less sugar which will help in diabetes prevention.
  • It will break the addiction to sugar which you might have.
  • The food which you are allowed will help you to be energetic all day long.
  • It also helps to prevent heart disease.

Foods Which are Not Allowed

Rice, potatoes, milk, fruits, refined sugar, alcohol etc.

Foods Which are Allowed

Egg, pork, beef, poultry, seafood, beans, cottage cheese, red wine etc.

If you decided that slow carb diet is for you then do the necessary research and visit your physician and a dietitian to know exactly what to eat, so that you can do this diet correctly and at least 30 minutes of exercise is recommended for a faster result.

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