What Fruits Can I Eat on Keto Diet | 15 Low Carb Fruits

15 Keto & Low Carb Fruits

Keto FruitsWhen you are on the keto diet fats is not the only thing that you need to worry about. No doubt consuming 60 to 80% fats is important in keto diet but there are other nutrients that you have to care about. If you will not maintain the nutritional content of your body you will have to deal with more side effects than positive effects. So, the question is from where you can get all the nutrients that your body need. Fruits are one of the best sources that will provide your body with all the nutrients that it needs as well as they have the right amount of carbs that you are allowed to consume when you are on the keto diet. However, you cannot consume all types of fruits when you are on a ketogenic diet. There are certain types of fruits that have lower carb value and a higher ratio of nutrients that you are allowed to consume when you are on a keto diet. Here we have the list of fruits on keto that you can have.


1. Avocado


Avocado is one of the best keto fruits that you can consume when you are on a keto diet. The fruit is known for its creamy texture but the best thing is that it has a high content of heart-healthy fats and a lower level of carbs. You will be able to enjoy Avocado in different forms if you do not want to have it raw. Add Avocado to different dishes or you can make a smoothie from it.


2. Olives (Yes Olives)


You might have been surprised by reading olives as fruits on keto. It is counted as an important fruit from of the high content of healthy fats and lower level of carbs. If you will consume 10 green olives per day you will be able to get 3 grams of fats and only 1.5 grams of carbs. It is the ratio that you will have to maintain if you want a healthy weight loss.


3. Coconut


One of the most important keto fruits that you have to include in your diet is coconut. The best thing about coconut is that it is not only rich is fats but also the water you will get from the fruit is good for the skin and hair. It will keep your hydrated. You can have fresh and dried coconut according to the availability of the fruit. Add it to your fruit salad or your shake.

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4. Blackberries


Blackberries are one of the fruits on the keto diet that is selected because of the lower carb content. The fruit might have a sweet taste to it but in reality, a full cup of berries will only provide you with 1.5 grams of carbs. It means that you can enjoy it for your breakfast with yogurt. There are other minerals and vitamins that you can get from blackberries.


5. Raspberries


If you are planning to add some flavor to your meal nothing can be better than raspberries on your keto fruits list. The fruit has a unique tangy and sweet flavor that will allow you to add some taste to your meal, as well as there, are different vitamins that you can get with the fruits. You can have the raspberries as a whole or add the fruit to your cereal in the morning or prepare a smoothie with it.

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6. Strawberries


Make sure that you have strawberries as one of the important fruits on keto. It is a decent fruit if you are planning to maintain your intake of the carb. It is a good source of carb that will provide you with a required amount if you are planning to maintain a 20 g net carbs per day. Strawberries are very good for the skin as well. it will allow you to enjoy the flavors while maintaining your health.


7. Lemon


Lemon is one of those keto fruits that has a high concentration of vitamin C. The citrus fruit is very important because it will help to burn the fat cells in your body. A glass of like water in the morning on an empty stomach will speed up the detoxification process and you will be able to get rid of all the toxins that have been damaging your body.


8. Tomatoes


Once again you might be wondering that what tomatoes are doing on the list of fruits on keto. You should know that it is a fruit disguised as a vegetable. Cherry tomatoes are a healthy source of carbs. You can get 2 g carbs from a whole cup of tomatoes with many other amazing nutrients. It is a food item that should be on your keto diet list.


9. Rhubarb


It is famous keto fruits that are commonly known as a vegetable in many countries because of the appearance. The best thing about the fruit is that it has a lower level of carbs that will allow you to maintain your keto diet plan. You have more rhubarb in your diet and enjoy all the health benefits because it will satisfy your appetite in a healthy way and you will not have to deal with any cravings.


10. Watermelon


One of the best fruits on keto diet list that you must have is a watermelon. No doubt it has a sweet taste but there is nothing to worry about the carbs because there is more water in the watermelon as compared to the carbs. It will help you stay hydrated and you will not have to worry about the carbs. As well as watermelon will help you control your appetite.


11. Peach


If you want to add some unique flavors to your meal you can add peach has one of the keto fruits on your list. The best thing about peach is its high nutritional value. It is a good source of healthy carbs as well. You can have peach in different forms like you can prepare a smoothie, eat it whole or add it to your fruit salad. You will surely enjoy the great flavors of peach.


12. Plum

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Do not forget to add a few plums on your list of fruits on keto. The best thing about plums is that it is neither too sour nor too sweet. Once you have plums on your list you will be able to maintain the minerals and vitamins in your body with all the healthy carbs that you must have. It is better that you eat a whole plum. The quantity of plums that you can have depends on your keto diet plan and carbs you commonly consume.


13. Apricot


You can add a few apricots on the keto fruits list if you are planning to increase your carb intake. You can have 9.12 grams of carbs per 100 grams of apricots. It is better that you consume only 3 pitted apricots per day. They are available in a fresh and dried form that will allow you to enjoy your meal the way you like.


14. Kiwi


Kiwi will do no harm if you are planning to consume it as fruits on keto. Most people avoid having kiwi because of its high content of carbs. You should know that kiwi is good for your health because of all the other nutrients that you will get. As well as the small number of carbs that you will get from fruits like kiwi will not disturb your keto diet plan. They will help you maintain your weight loss plan.


15. Melon


Just like watermelon, the melon is also one of the best keto fruits because it has a high level of water that will help you wash out all the carbs that you will consume with the fruit. It is a delight in the summer because it will allow you to beat the heat while keeping your body fresh and healthy.


Bottom Line

Kiwi Papaya
Raspberries Mango
Strawberries Dried Fruit
Blackberries Cherries
Coconut Meat Blueberries
Lime Juice Pineapple
Rhubarb Apples
Lemon Juice Cranberries
Tomato Grapes
Honeydew Pears
Avocado Oranges
Olives (Black, Green) Bananas

Make sure that you consume all the healthy and nutritious fruits that you can get from the grocery store. You have to assure that you buy all the fresh fruits. It would be better if you could have organic fruits because they have a healthier nutrient content as compared to any other type of fruits produced in the market. In case it is hard for you to eat fruits, you can convert it into a fruit salad or make any other dish with it. You will be able to merge the flavors and enjoy the meal in the most effective way. 


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