Low Carb Diet Weekly Plans and What to Have For a Low Carb Diet?

Low Carb Diet

Low Carb DietTired of wearing free sizes? Want to fit in your old denims? Well then, this is your chance. It is universally accepted, crash dieting is painful and an unhealthy heck to be undertaken. So what if you get to know that you don’t have to completely forsake good food for losing weight? Yes, you heard it right. All you have to do is mind the amount of carbohydrate in your daily consumption. Low carb diet is the best fit for this purpose. Want to see how?

Low Carb Diet | Haves and Have not

Planning to fit into that zero figure dress for this Christmas? If your answer is in positive then this is what you should do: not have sugar, gluten grains and.. Tran’s fats. You would not have noticed but majority of things that you consume contain sugar like, soft drinks, ice creams, juices and candies. Wheat, rye, spelt and barley contain gluten. So that makes bread and pasta objectionable food. Maintaining a low carb diet plan won’t be easy but it’s not impossible you see.

Now-a-days everything we consume is something that has walked out of a factory. These are called processed food which are everything but healthy. Artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Acesulfame Potassium, Saccharin, Cyclamates and Sucralose can eventually ruin your health plan.

Low Carb Diet Weekly Plans

If you are planning to lose weight then three meals per day is just enough. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can include specific food. For the rest of the week you can simply mix and match to experience a variety. These are few items which will help you achieve a low carb diet plan:

  • Breakfast is best with eggs either made omelette with only one table spoon butter or boiled. This is one of the best instances of naturally processed food free from adulteration. Put loads of veggies to make it even healthier.
  • For lunch you may have grass-fed yogurt, blueberries, almonds, shrimp or chicken salad with some olive oil, smoothie with coconut milk and protein powder.
  • Dinner can contain pork chops, meatballs, grilled chicken, steaks, slightly cooked vegetables, salads, cheeseburgers and salmons.

So here is the plan that you are expected to follow. For the whole week you can simply try out every alternate combination so that low carb diet does not get boring.

How to Buy Your Low Carb Foods?

For people who are devoted to the cause nothing is impossible but those who are not will come up with thousand excuses. Which group do you belong to? Now let’s see what can you buy when you go out for purchasing? First things first: whenever you pick up a packed go through its ingredient list on the packing. This will give you all the necessary information. The easiest way is to stick to organic food substances cause there would be lesser processing and healthier. Buy more meat, fish, egg, salsa sauce, nuts etc.

For those who were dreading the expense all this while, they should know that you do not need to avail any out of the world products. Everything in the list for low carb diet is a common kitchen ingredient and is available in stores next door.

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