Ketogenic Diet for Beginners | Step By Step Guide to the Keto Diet

Keto Diet for Beginners

Obesity is the biggest issue of the present age. Our eating and working habits are the reason it becomes hard for us to maintain weight. Even before we can know we are overweight which leads to obesity. Every 2 out of 3 adults are obese and it is an alarming situation. Obesity is the biggest threat to our health and longevity of life. Obesity is the biggest cause of increased blood pressure, blood sugar level, and cholesterol. In case the weight is not maintained it would lead to other serious issues like heart attack, stroke or diabetes. The overweight individuals are concerned about maintaining a normal weight and they are looking for different types of diet and exercise plans to help them out. However, most of the individuals were unable to get the results that they wanted due to which they are demotivated. The reason they have been unable to maintain their weight is that they were not using the preferable diet plan.

A common mistake most people make is they go for dieting despite knowing it is dangerous for their health. A better solution in this situation is following the ketogenic diet plan. Here we have everything you need to know about ketogenic diet to help you out.


What is the Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic diet is also known as keto is a special diet that will make your body produce small molecules called ketones. These are used as fuel by our body when the supply of blood sugar level is lower.

Ketones are produced by the body when you are having a diet with very low carbs and moderate proteins. It will allow the body to break down the ketones quickly, so it can be consumed by our body. The reasonable amount of protein is reduced is because it can be converted into blood sugar as well.

Fats stored in the body and the ones you consume are used for the production of ketones in the liver. They are used for production of energy that will supply all parts of the body including the brain. Most of the energy produced in our body is consumed by our brain but it cannot consume fats as a source of energy.

When you move to Ketogenic diet, your body will run on the ketones that are supplied by fats. It will lower the level of insulin in body due to which fat burning capabilities of body will be enhanced. It will be easier for body to burn the stored fats, so they can be used as a source of energy. The Ketogenic diet is the best way to supply your body with the required amount of nutrients and energy to keep your focused and healthy.

During the production of ketones, it is said that your body is in ketosis. The best way of reaching the level of ketosis is through fasting but you cannot fast forever.

You can easily maintain your keto diet that will lead to ketosis. You will be able to lose weight without fasting.



Types of Ketogenic Diets

There are different types of Ketogenic diets. Here we have included some of the famous types.


  • Standard Ketogenic Diet

It is a diet plan in which you will have to maintain low carbs, moderate proteins, and high-fat diet. The percentage will be 5% carbs, 20% proteins, and 75% fats.


  • Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

In cyclical ketogenic diet plan, you will have to maintain refeeds of higher cards. You will have 2 days of high carb diet after 5 days of Ketogenic diet.


  • Targeted Ketogenic Diet

It is the diet plan in which you can have carbs when you are exercising.


  • High Protein Ketogenic Diet

It is just like the standard diet, the only difference is the level of proteins are higher. You will have to maintain the level of 5% carbs, 35% proteins and 60% fats.



Who Should Not Follow Ketogenic Diet Plan?

There are many individuals who are interested in starting a Ketogenic diet. However, it is important to know there are some restrictions that come with the diet plan. Before we can get started with the explanation of Ketogenic diet, it is important to understand whether you can maintain the diet plan or not.

  • You take medications for diabetes like insulin
  • Taking medication for high blood pressure.
  • Breastfeeding your baby.

In case you are dealing with any of these issues or taking other medications, it is better that you consult a professional before starting the Ketogenic diet.


How Does Ketogenic Diet Works?

The individuals who are interested in starting Ketogenic diet want to know that how this diet plan can help them reduce a reasonable amount of weight. You should know that once the assimilation of fats will start in your body, you will have enough energy that you will not have to feel hungry. It will allow you to stay focused on your work and you will not have to worry about consuming more food. It will allow you to avoid storing more fats in your body. You will notice that your overall health will improve and in the limited time, you will be able to lose all the extra fats that you have stored in your body in a healthy and safe way.



Things You Can Eat to Maintain Ketogenic Diet

If you are planning to start a ketogenic diet, here are some of the common food items that you can consider consuming.


1. Fats

Sound fats are an establishment of a keto eat fewer carbs. On the off chance that you are on a keto diet plan from food, at that point, 60%-70% of your day by day caloric admission ought to incorporate fats. Sound fats incorporate spread or ghee, coconut oil, coconut margarine, mayonnaise, olive oil, flaxseed oil, sesame oil, grease or MCT oil. Few nuts and seeds like almonds, cashew, peanuts, unsweetened coconut, pecans, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or hazelnut.


2. Dairy

Most dairy items are permitted in keto count calories. Take intake note of that you at full-fat renditions of dairy, as fat is the essential necessity of keto. Dairy incorporates blue cheddar, cheddar, feta, mozzarella, parmesan, yogurt, harsh cream or overwhelming whipping cream.


3. Proteins

Proteins are crucial for our body, it furnishes us with basic amino acids and assembles muscles and connective tissues. Protein on a keto eating routine incorporates hamburger, poultry including chicken, quail, duck or turkey, pork, angle (e.g mackerel, fish, salmon or trout), fish like lobster, clam, crab or mussels, organ meat (e.g heart, liver, tongue or kidney), and eggs. You can likewise devour keto neighborly protein bars, meal bars, and child’s protein bars.

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4. Carbohydrates

When you are on a ketogenic eat fewer carbs, the majority of your carbs should originate from verdant green vegetables, similar to asparagus, broccoli, arugula, beans, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, kale or cucumber. You can likewise expend organic products like berries, avocado, melon, or current. Also, on the off chance that you are needing for some sugar then you can attempt these ketogenic tidbits and treats like pumpkin-spiced chocolate section, chocolate raspberry cut or chocolate mint pudding.

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5. Keto for Vegan

On the off chance that you are a vegetarian, keto count calories have something for you as well. You can devour almond drain, hemp drain, natto, shirataki noodles, soy drain, tofu, vegetarian cheddar, veggie burger or veggie disintegrates.



Tips to Maintain Ketogenic Diet

When you begin on a keto eat fewer carbs, you will see quick outcomes. Amid the principal week, you will lose around 2 to 10 pounds of weight, however, that is generally the additional water weight your body was holding because of devouring carbs. Following 2 weeks, weight reduction will occur at a slower rate, and your body will move from consuming carbs to consuming fats.

You are probably going to lose around 1-2 pounds for every week, once your body swings to ketosis. In any case, recollect there might be times when you won’t diminish enough weight, at that point you should simply adhere to the eating routine, be propelled and don’t lose trust. Following are the approaches to help weight reduction while on a ketogenic diet plan from food.


1. Count Your Calories

Following your calories can take your weight lessening amusement to another level. Along these lines, you will know about the number of carbs, fats, proteins, and calories you are expanding. Applications like MyFitnessPal or Cronometer can be useful in tallying your everyday calories.


2. Eat Less

Eating less can help you in having fewer calories and elevated amounts of ketosis. You can figure out how to eat 2-3 dinners for the duration of the day. This will enable your body to reduce its insulin and glucose levels, and your body will rely upon fat consuming for vitality.


3. No Undermining Keto Count Calories

On the off chance that you are having a sugar craving, you can go for keto bars or keto bites and treats, however, don’t enjoy high-carb diet plan from food, as this may hurt you from various perspectives. Skipping keto eating plan notwithstanding for many days can influence you to pick up 4 to 6 pounds of water weight.


4. Eat More Meat and High-Fat Dairy

Attempt to eat more hamburger and meat bars also. These nourishments contain high quantities of unsaturated fat called Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). It enhances fat misfortune in an assortment of ways. So as to determine more CLA, expend meat and dairy of grass-encouraged bovines.


5. Consume Proteins in a Recommended Amount

It is basic to eat the correct measures of protein, as a lot of protein can expand glucose levels while too less protein can influence you to lose muscle rather than fat. Your everyday protein admission ought to be around 0.6g-0.8g of protein for each fit pound of weight in the event that you don’t work out, however in the event that you do exercise then your day by day allow increments to 0.8-1g of protein.


6. Exercise

One incredible approach to expanding fat misfortune on keto is to exercise and lift weights. Lifting weights increment your bulk and lift ketosis in your body. Weight training exercises are a decent method to assemble muscle.


7. Eliminate Additional Carbs

Check for the concealed carbs in your eating plan, to guarantee that you are not eating additional taxis than you might suspect. Evade nourishments that have additional carbs, similar to vegetables, nutty spread, bread, prepared meals and over-the-counter solutions.


The easiest way to burn fat! When your body is in ketosis, it is burning fat cells for energy instead of carbs – try Purefit KETO to kickstart this process!



Dos and Don’ts of Ketogenic Diet

When you are prepared to begin the ketogenic diet plan, it is vital that you prepare. You should design every one of your dinners since that is the main way you can keep up your weight. You should make a practical eating routine arrangement. The arrangement you will make will rely upon how rapidly you might want to consume fats. The lesser starches you will expend the quicker you will lose your weight. 15 grams or lower for every day is great.

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It is vital that you just devour a restricted measure of starches. The main carbs you expend should originate from common sources. You are not permitted to devour a refined type of carbs. It is better that you expend natural products, vegetables, and nuts.



  • Fruits – banana, apples, oranges
  • Grains – corn, wheat, rice, and cereal
  • Tubers – yams, potatoes
  • Sugar – agave, maple syrup, honey



  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Lamb
  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Berries of all types
  • Cauliflower
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Avocado



Health Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet can be very beneficial for the health. Except for weight loss some other benefits you will get from diet plan are.

  • Cancer: The eating plan is starting at now being used to treat a couple of sorts of ailment and direct tumor improvement. [1]
  • Heart: The ketogenic eating routine can improve chance parts like muscle to fat proportion, circulatory strain, HDL levels, and glucose
  • Epilepsy: Research has exhibited that the ketogenic eating plan can cause colossal declines in seizures in epileptic children. [2]
  • Polycystic ovary: The ketogenic eating plan can help reduce insulin levels, which may expect a key piece of polycystic ovary issue
  • Alzheimer: The eating routine may diminish symptoms of Alzheimer’s and back off the contamination’s development
  • Parkinson’s: One examination found that the eating plan improved symptoms of Parkinson’s disease
  • Brain: An expert found that the eating plan can decrease power outages and help recovery after mind harm
  • Acne: Lower insulin levels and eating less sugar or arranged nourishment may enable the upgrade to skin break out

Make sure that you properly maintain your ketogenic diet. If you notice any issues, it is better to consult a specialist to help you throughout the process.



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